Cluster Flowered Bushes

Cluster Flowered Bushes

For mass colour effect in beds and borders.  Taller varieties also suitable for hedging.  Plant 60cm (2') apart; 60cm (2') row to row, staggered.  Plant Short varieties 45cm (18") apart. Varieties marked with § are also available in Standard and Half Standard form. All standard roses include a stake and tie.

From £9.75

The deep purple shaded buds open to smoky plum many petalled blooms which are borne in clusters. The plants a..

From £9.60

This popular free flowering award winning variety has large sprays of light camellia shaped blooms, which can ..

From £9.80

The 2015 Rose of the Year is very different as a result of breeding work done over many years using rose speci..

From £9.75

This excellent variety which will provide a colourful display is slightly shorter than most in the medium heig..

From £9.75

Lovely bright sunny yellow well formed blooms produced in clusters. The blooms which stand up to poor weather ..

From £9.75

Hybrid Tea shaped blooms of deep golden yellow. Glossy dark green foliage. Good for cutting. Each plant provi..

From £9.70

The name of this rose often prompts comments on its colour and fragrance. It has rusty orange buds which open..

From £9.40

Old favourite. A very vigorous grower with large sprays of shapely white blooms, often flushed pink in the Aut..

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