Key to Codes

On colour illustrations

            cl          Climber
            c/cl       Courtyard™ Climber
            E          English Roses
            fl          Floribunda
            gc         Ground Cover
            h/t        Hybrid Tea
            p          “Patio” type
            p/cl       Patio Climber
            r           Rugosa
            R          Renaissance Roses
            s           Shrub & Species

Disease Resistance Guide

We observe the possibility of diseases under a regular spraying programme and mark varieties accordingly. Any variety which has a major problem is normally dropped from our selection. Those we retain with no indication of disease resistance are grown due to popular demand.
            GR       Good Resistance
            AR       Average Resistance to general disease
            TM      The main disease possibility is a tendency to mildew


            V. Fragrant       Exceptional fragrance
            Fragrant           Strongly scented
            Scented            Some scent                  
            Unmarked        There is no discernable scent

Guide to Height           

            VS       Up to 38cm (15 inches)
            S          38-56cm (15-22 inches)
            M         56-76cm (22-30 inches)
            T          76-101cm (30-40 inches)
            VT       101cm+ and over (40 inches)

General information
            HT       Hybrid Tea
                     Patented variety
            †          Blooms suitable also for exhibiting
            ‡          Floribundas suitable for show bench
            §          Also available as Standard

R.O.T.Y. Variety which has won a Rose of The Year Award.
Codes in Brackets after the selling name is the general international registered name and for information only.