Annual Rose Festivals

There are annual festivals across the world dedicated to roses

Roses are almost-universally popular flowers across the world, often used as symbols to convey specific emotions.

But did you know that from India all the way across to America there are annual rose festivals?

Here are a few:

The Spring Rose Show, at the Lloyd Centre in Portland, Oregon an annual show usually held in June and highlighting beauty and fragrances and attracting growers from across the Pacific Northwest.

Festival of Roses, Morocco, is held in May or June in the centre of rose growing, the Dades Valley. Held in the town of El Kelaâ M’Gouna, this three-day festival celebrates the harvest season for roses. The town itself is famous for products exclusively made with roses as the main ingredient.

Bloemfontain, South Africa, has a name that translates as “fountain of Flowers”. The city is known for its abundance of roses and holds an annual festival of roses in October.

Chandigarh, India, is the home of another annual rose festival, this time in the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, a 30-acre botanical garden where varieties of roses are grown. The festival takes place in late February and early March.

Historically one of the earliest recorded rose festivals was called Rosalia, held in ancient Rome around May but could extend into mid-July, which demonstrates the enduring fascination we have had with the flower, and its symbolic meanings.

Don’t forget the U.K with the Roe festival at the Hampton Court Show in July.

Whilst Cants no longer attends this they do take part in many local shows, so look at the website for guidance.

Cultivation notes for May

With the fluctuating weather of April, when planting containerised roses make sure that you take extra care. If the soil starts to come away from the roots, pack back into the pot and wait a week or two. Just keep watered during this time, The plant(s) themselves will continue to develop quite happily.

If you have new containerised roses to plant, make sure you water the plant well before tapping the plant out.   This is to guard against disturbing the root system. If there is any sign of the soil coming away from the roots, then keep the plant in the container for a week or two.

If you haven’t stated a preventative spraying programme then we do advise this.

If weather conditions in your area is dry (most places experienced very little rain in April) then keep newly planted bare root roses i.e. those planted last autumn 2021 to this spring) well-watered together with any containerised roses planted now.  Don’t just sprinkle water on the surface give around half a bucket of water to each plant

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