Bare Root Roses 2021 – 2022

November 2021 – March 2022

We are still taking orders for the bare root season, and these will be dispatched on the next working day after placing your order. Bare Root plants can be planted straight away and up until approximately end of March depending on the season. We have noted some questions and answers which we have been asked.

What if I would like to be advised before delivery?

We can advise before we dispatch, however please be aware that if this is requested your delivery date will be delayed.

What if I would like my rose for a special date?

We will try our best to accomodate orders with a special date, however we are unable to guarantee this as it does depend on a number of factors.

Can I send a card in advance for a special day?

Yes, you can and this will be available on the product page however, please ensure you choose a card design. The cards cost £1.50 each and you can have a personalised message. We will include which roses the recipient will receive.

Are roses sent in November to March Bare Root or in Containers?

Roses from November to end of March will be bare root and these can be planted straight into the ground or into a permanent pot. If you plant the rose into a permanent pot please ensure you use John Innes No:3 Compost. If you would like to have a bare root rose, especially potted up in a temporary nursery pot, we can however, the delivery cost is substantially more due to the weight and size and the cost of the rose will be more.

If you are collecting a rose and would like us to especially pot it up in a permanent pot please place an order online for the rose, choose a pot under sundries and choose John Innes No: 3 Compost. Please advise in the instructions on the checkout page if you would like us to pot this up for you or if you would like to pot it up at home. Please see below the rough guides for our pots and the number of bags of compost:

  • Small Terracotta Pots – 1 bag of John Innes  No: 3 Compost – Suitable for Patio Bush Roses
  • Medium Terracotta Pots – 2 bags of John Innes No: 3 Compost – Suitable for Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Bush Roses and Ground Cover Roses
  • Large Terracotta Pots – 3 bags of John Innes No: 3 Compost – Suitable for all Shrub Roses (including Renaissance and English Roses), Patio and Courtyard Climbers, Patio and Half Standard Roses.

What size Permanent Pot should I use?

  • Patio Roses we suggest a pot size of approximately: 35cm (14″) in depth and 30cm (12″) in diameter.
  • Ground Cover Roses, Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Bush Roses we suggest a minimum pot size of: 40cm (16″) in depth and 35cm (14″) in diameter.
  • All Shrub Roses (Including Renaissance and English Roses), Patio and Courtyard Climbers, Patio and Half Standards we suggest a half barrel size or tub that is around 50cm (20″) in depth and 35cm (14″) in diameter.

What should I plant my roses with?

  •  You can use a small handful of Bonemeal or Blood, Fish & Bone which must be mixed well into the soil, like manure this must not come into contact with the root system. This is because it will burn the roots and make it impossible for the plant to develop.
  • If you prefer you can use the modern version called permament Vitax Q4+ or Roots Boost or a similar Mycorrhizal fungi, biostimulants product.

On receiving my delivery, do I need to keep the rose in soak before planting?

You do not need to leave your roses in soak prior to planting, as they are packed in material which keep the roots moist.

If I am not ready to plant when I receive my roses, what do I do?

You can keep your roses in the sealed in the packging for 2 weeks as long as you can keep them in a cool and dry place, for example in a garage or shed.

Is it okay to plant bare root roses between January and March?

Yes, it is okay to plant the roses during this time as the plants are dormant. If there is frost, we advise you to wait until at least late morning, or when you can dig into the ground.

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