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If you want to see some of our roses in bloom and in established beds, visit Colchester Castle Park in front of the castle. They have a variety of beds with the latest additions being ‘Global Beauty’ and ‘Proper Job’. Here you can admire the colours and appreciate the fragrance of some of the roses.

Whilst you admire the roses in the grounds don’t forget to visit Colchester Castle to learn centuries of history and get involved in different activities. For prices and more information about the castle and the grounds visit:

Please see below some of the roses which are in Castle Park which we may still have available in containers at our nursery or you can pre-order bare-root for November time. If you wish to purchase any of the roses, visit our Roses page for the different varieties we do, visit us at our nursery or contact us for a free catalogue.

  • Big Purple – Hybrid Tea Bush Rose – Purple – Very Fragrant
  • Deep Secret – Hybrid Tea Bush Rose – Deep Red – Very Fragrant
  • Global Beauty – Hybrid Tea bush rose – Deep Yellow – Very Fragrant
  • Just Joey – Hybrid Tea Bush Rose – Copper – Fragrant
  • Princess – Hybrid Tea Bush Rose – Pink/ Silver Reverse – Very Fragrant
  • Proper Job – Hybrid Tea Bush Rise – Deep Crimson – Very Fragrant
  • Remember Me – Hybrid Tea Bush Rose – Deep Copper
  • Silver Anniversary – Hybrid Tea Bush Rose – White – Fragrant
  • Simply the Best – Hybrid Tea Bush Rose – Coppery Orange – Fragrant
  • Tequila Sunrise – Hybrid Tea Bush Rose – Scarlet and Gold buds – Scented
  • Absolutely Fabulous – Floribunda Bush Rose – Soft Yellow – Very Fragrant
  • Ebb Tide – Floribunda Bush Rose – Deep Purple – Fragrant
  • Moment in Time – Floribunda Bush Rose – Ruby Red – Scented
  • The Jubilee Rose – Floribunda Bush Rose – Dark Red

You can now pre-order your bare-root roses for November 2019 by calling us on 01206 844008, placing an order online or via the order form from the catalogue.

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