Entertaining in the garden?

We’re back in British Summer and as lockdown measures gradually ease, we’ll soon be able to meet outdoors in our gardens, albeit in restricted numbers.

Many of you have spent a lot of time in your garden this last year, so hopefully this is all neat and tidy ready for your visitors. If, however, you have not planted roses and have space for containerised plants then now is the time to select and purchase containerised plants. These can be planted into the ground or into a permanent pot.

If you intend to add them to a flower bed and are using them to replace existing roses remember to replace soil before you plant them.

The soil will need to be replaced to a depth of at least 48cm (18 inches).  You can change the soil from another part of the garden which hasn’t grown roses.  If you feel the soil needs enriching then add some soil improver or conditioner.

When planting a containerised rose you’ll need to dig a hole slightly larger than the pot size.    The compost in the container already has a fertilizer to see the plant through until end of June early July when you should feed with a slow release fertilizer.

Tap out the plant taking care not to disturb the soil from the plant.  If it comes away from the root system then keep in the pot for a little longer.  Place the plant in the hole and top up soil so that the union of the stock and the rose is just below the surface level. The soil should settle so that the union rests on the surface.

If you want to plant into tubs or pots as a permanent feature rather than planting them into a bed, remember they will need regular watering, especially in a dry, hot summer.

The planting medium should be based on 60% loam and 40% peat or peat substitute, with a liberal application of a balanced fertiliser. Or use John Innes No 3 compost, NOT multipurpose compost, which is not suitable.

For all Patio roses the tub/pot used should be approximately 35cm (14 inches) in depth and 30cm (12 inches) in diameter. For all Hybrid Tea, Floribunda and Ground Cover roses the depth should be a minimum of 40cm (16”) and diameter 35cm (14”).  For all shrubs Patio and Courtyard Climbers, Patio Standards and Half Standard roses aim for something like a half barrel, or tub that is around 50cm (2O”) in depth and 35cm (14”) in diameter.

Cultivation notes for April

From mid-April onwards containerised roses should be available to plant.

If you haven’t already fed your existing roses then do so as soon as possible.

Once you have 15 to 20 cms (6 to 8 inches) of new growth then start a spraying programme.  If in the past you haven’t had any disease problems then you can use one of the combined fungicide insecticide sprays. Such as Rose Clear Ultra. If you have had blackspot and rust in the past then use a fungicide and when needed separate insecticide.

Remember, we can also supply sundries such Fungicide, Insecticides and Fertilizers. We also stock soil improvers, John Innes No 3 and a small selection of Permanent frost proof pots. These items can only be collected. Just check on our website here: Sundries:


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