Orders supplied outside the United Kingdom Special Terms

Channel Islands

Most small orders can be sent by post, with postage and packing being charged at cost. If you require a large order or Standard Roses, please advise us of your requirements and we will then quote for carriage and packing. Much depends on which Island.

EU Regulations at May 2021. These could be subject to amendments so please feel free to contact us at any time for the latest information.

Present information, is that plants will have to be washed clean of all soil and inspected and accompanied by a Phytosanitary certificate. We can confirm that anyone wishing to have roses sent to countries in the EU will face extra costs. It is estimated these costs will be round £25 – £30 per order. The more orders we can assemble for DEFRA to inspect will influence the costs. The Ministry charges so much per half hour for the inspector to ‘inspect the plants’ and issue the certificate then an individual charge for each certificate.

Northern Ireland

At present the indication is that plants have to be accompanied by a Phytosanitary certificate which will be similar to EU countries. It is however hoped that the certificate will not carry an individual charge although there may be a small inspection charge. **PLEASE NOTE ORDERS FOR NORTHERN IRELAND ORDERS CANNOT BE FULFILLED ONLINE. PLEASE CALL US ON 01206 844008 OR EMAIL US ON ENQUIRIES@CANTSROSES.CO.UK.**

Export Orders – Outside the EU

All orders are subject to Ministry Inspection, and the issue of a Health Certificate to accompany the consignment. Regretfully, the cost of inspection charges to continue to rise. Where possible we assemble several orders for inspection at one time. Whilst we are reluctant to impose the full cost of Health Inspection and issue of the certificate itself, we regret that the charge will be £75.

We are restricted as to which countries we can export to; You will need to check with your Ministry for conditions and where applicable obtain an Import Permit. Some of the countries we can supply to are Antigua & Barbuda, Dubai, St. Kitts & Nevis, and St. Vincent & Grenadines.

Export orders are not subject to VAT, so prices will be adjusted accordingly. There are however extra costs involved to cover washing the roots completely clean of all soil and when an import permit indicates the cost of treating the plants with insecticide and or fungicides. Carriage and packing is charged at cost after dispatch, please advise method you wish to use Air Mail Post or Air Freight. Carriage costs can be considerable, so do think about combining your order with friends to reduce costs. Export orders are sent from November to end of March.

Payments for export orders

Payment should be made by Debit/ Credit Card or PayPal. Failing this by a Sterling cheque drawn on a London Bank.


Please note we cannot send to the U.S.A.

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