Annual Rose Festivals

There are annual festivals across the world dedicated to roses Roses are almost-universally popular flowers across the world, often used as symbols to convey specific emotions. But did you know that from India all the way across to America there are annual rose festivals? Here are a few: The Spring Rose Show, at the Lloyd […]

Roses, Murder mysteries and spring sunshine

Roses, Murder mysteries and spring sunshine With luck there will be warm, Spring sunshine in April to allow you to sit and relax in the garden. Maybe you can anticipate your roses in bloom. Most come into bloom depending on weather conditions from mid-June onwards depending on where you live.. For a change, if you […]

NEW App to save you time when locating us

excellent.prove.thin Download ‘what3words’ from your App Store today and you won’t have any issues finding us. Just make sure you have your mobile data on and you drive safely. Need help locating us? Download an app from your Appstore called ‘what3words’ and enter the following into the search excellent.prove.thin, press ‘Navigate’, ‘Maps’ and then ‘Start’. […]

Entrance to Cants from re-routed A134

The entrance to our nursery is now down a small road called Gloriana Road situated off the re-routed A134 in the new Chesterwell housing development.  When you come down Gloriana Road turn left at the bottom and you will see our office sign just a little way up on the right.

New road system in our area

How the new road system in our area affects customers reaching our premises Above is a road plan of how the new road layout around us affects our customers visiting us.  Cars coming from Colchester will leave what they know as the A134 at the roundabout at the end of the northern approach road and follow […]

New Road Layout

How to find Us -New roads in our area – See Image at Bottom of Page For those who have visited us in the past please be assured we have not moved!  This area does look very different and road systems have recently changed a lot and will continue to do so.  Recent changes include […]

Road Signs

Road Signs THE YELLOW AA ROAD SIGNS ON THE LAMP POST OPPOSITE GLORIANA ROAD HAVE BEEN REINSTATED.   We still advise customers to have a good look at all the instructions we have put on the web-site and in our catalogue before making a journey and if there are any problems to ring us from […]

Approaching us from Colchester

Approaching our premises from the Colchester direction will bring you up a final stretch of the Northern Approach road (from North Station area/Mill Road).  You will come to the roundabout and proceed straight across into the new ‘Chesterwells’ development.  You will then need to indicate almost immediately that you are turning right and there is a small […]

Approaching us from Sudbury

Approaching us from Sudbury or Bury St Edmunds A134 Approaching us from Sudbury/Bury St Edmunds A134 – you will be fed onto a new bit of road as you leave Gt Horkesley and approach Colchester.  This road enters the new development of ‘Chesterwells’ and sweeps round in an arc.  You will pass through one set […]

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