How To Prune Your Roses?

March is here and it is time to prune your roses. Newly planted roses which were planted from November until now should be pruned in the 3rd week of March, whilst more established roses can now be pruned.

To reach as many of our customers as we can and to assist with the pruning of roses, we have prepared time lapses, photos and videos, which we hope will assist you.

Please see below some videos showing you how to prune your roses and time lapses showing how your roses will look before and after pruning. You may be taken through to our YouTube Channel.

Time Lapse: Pruning of Madame Alfred Carrier on site:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Time Lapse: Pruning of Modern Shrub Roses (Renaissance):

Please note you will only need to cut shrub roses back 50% of the previous years’ new growth as illustrated in our time lapse video.

Time Lapse: Pruning of Standard Rose (Iceberg) 20+ years old:

Short Video: Pruning of a Floribunda Bush Rose:

Short Video: Pruning of a Hybrid Tea Bush Rose: – Please note we are aware of an issue after 2 minutes of this video. Please view the above Floribunda Bush Rose video.

Videos featuring Rose Manager, David and his Assistant, Louie

If you need any further assistance, please call us on 01206 844008 where our outside team can assist you with your queries. Alternatively you can send us an email:, complete our online form on the ‘contact us’ page or send a message on our Facebook page.

Floribunda Bush Roses, Patio Climber and a Floribunda Standard

Floribunda Bush Rose Prior To Pruning


Floribunda Standard Prior To Pruning


Floribunda Bush Rose After Pruning


Floribunda Standard After Pruning


Floribunda Bush Rose Prior To Pruning


Patio Climber Prior To Pruning


Floribunda Bush Rose After Pruning


Patio Climber After Pruning

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