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Download ‘what3words’ from your App Store today and you won’t have any issues finding us. Just make sure you have your mobile data on and you drive safely.

Need help locating us? Download an app from your Appstore called ‘what3words’ and enter the following into the search excellent.prove.thin, press ‘Navigate’, ‘Maps’ and then ‘Start’. This will bring you to the top end of our driveway.

What is ‘what3words’?

This is an app which is used worldwide to help you find an exact location, every 3mx3m block has a random 3 words attached to it. The random 3 words are not chosen by us here at Cants Roses.

For more information on ‘what3words’ visit:

Remember to find us here at Cants Roses, just type in the search bar in the app excellent.prove.thin and follow via Google Maps, this will bring you straight to our driveway.

If you are still not sure, pull over in a safe area and give us a call on 01206 844008 where one of our friendly team can help you to arrive here safely.

For more information and images please visit:



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**UPDATE** We are not able to send container roses to Europe, Northern Ireland, Guernsey or Jersey. **PLEASE NOTE if you are in Northern Ireland and wish to order bare root roses or Sundries please call us on 01206 844008 or email us, as this cannot be fulfilled online.**