Ginger Syllabub (Harjolina)



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Full old fashioned looking blooms, which are cupped, quartered and full of petals. The blooms are a blend of apricot gold and are borne in small clusters, and repeat well. Mid green semi glossy foliage.

  • Very Fragrant
  • Classed as a Repeat Flowering Climber
  • Good disease resistance
  • Height  210-300cm (7′-10′)
  • Growth is Flexible.

Our nursery container size: 5.5 litre

Type: Repeat Flowering Climber
Disease Resistance: Good Disease Resistance
Fragrance: Very Fragrant
Foliage: Mid green semi glossy foliage
Planting: Ground
Colour: Golden Apricot
Bloom Type: Full old fashioned looking blooms, cupped, quartered & full of petals
Height/ Width: 210-300cm (7′-10′)
Planting Distance: 180cm (6′) apart
Suitable for North Wall:

Additional information

Rose Type

Bare Root (Nov – Mar), Container (Apr – Oct)