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Polyantha.   Free flowering variety with large clusters of light pink, small double flowers on a bush 60-90cm (2′-3′) high, which can be allowed to trail along the ground. Small mid green glossy foliage. Plant 60cm (2′) apart. § GR

Also available as a Speciality Standard budded onto a stem 100cm (3’3″). Semi weeping giving a mound effect.  During the Container Season (April – Oct) standards have to be collected from the nursery they cannot be sent. 

This can also be used as a Ground Cover.

Good disease resistance

Height 60 – 90 cm (2′ – 3′)

Our nursery container size: 4 litre

Our nursery container for our standard: 10 litre

Additional information

Rose Type

Bare Root Bush (Nov – Mar), Bare Root Speciality Standard (Nov – Mar), Container (Apr – Oct), Container Speciality Standard (Apr – Oct)

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