Rose Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

If you are not planting new roses there is less to do in the garden this month as winter approaches so we’ve devised a Rose quiz for your entertainment.

Why not sit back with a coffee and take a look?  You’ll find some of the answers in our past blogs but they will be published in full in our December blog.


  1. What two colours were the roses associated with the warring houses of Lancaster and York in the 15th Century Civil War over control of the English throne?
  2. What part of the Rose has been used in cooking for many centuries?
  3. Where else is a product of the rose an important ingredient?
  4. According to legend what colour rose was the first and what did it mean?
  5. What does it mean if you are given the gift of one rose?
  6. Where can the world’s oldest rose still be found?
  7. Where was the world’s tallest rose bush recorded by the Guinness Book of Records?
  8. In which Shakespeare play is this verse found? ““What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet…”
  9. When did the tradition of giving a rose on Valentine’s Day start?
  10. Is the Christmas Rose actually a rose?
  11. Which is the oldest rose specialist in the U.K


Cultural Hints for November

November is the start of the busy lifting and planting season for bare root traditional roses and hardy plants. If you are expecting plants the sooner you prepare the area the better. Plants will be accompanied by full preparation, planting and aftercare.

If you use any material such as Bone meal, or blood fish and bone, or manure then make sure that this is mixed well into the soil.  On the other hand, a mycorrhizal product (such as Roots Boost or Vitax Q4 +) comes in contact with the root system.

Planting bare root roses still remains the best and cheapest way to purchase plants during autumn and winter.

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