English Roses

Repeat free flowering modern shrubs with the appeal of old-fashioned shrub roses.

  • In confined spaces can be pruned hard annually by removing 50% of the growth. Growth on some varieties can be weak casing blooms to bow their heads. Plants as specimens or as hedging. Most are fragrant or exceptionally fragrant. Unless indicated in the description most have a width of 90-128cm (3’-4’) allow at least a metre (3’) when planting as a specimen. Those of less width can be planted closer. Some can be trained as climbers (see page 31) bred by David Austin these compliment and can be used with the Renaissance Roses.
  • Some English Roses can be planted and trained against fences and walls as climbers. These are exactly the same planted as procided as a shrub rose, but the height is achieved by the way the plants are trained. The varieties you can use will grow around 180-240cm (6-8′) except where indicated. Gertrude Jekyll, Golden Celebration & Lady of Shalott or Bathsheba up to 300cm (10′).
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**UPDATE** We are not able to send container roses to Europe, Northern Ireland, Guernsey or Jersey. **PLEASE NOTE if you are in Northern Ireland and wish to order bare root roses or Sundries please call us on 01206 844008 or email us, as this cannot be fulfilled online.**