English Roses

Repeat free flowering modern shrubs with the appeal of old fashioned shrub roses In confined spaces can be pruned hard annually by removing 50% of the growth Growth on some varieties can be weak causing blooms to bow their heads Plant as specimens or as hedging.  Can be successfully grown in very large tubs (say the size of a half barrel). Most are fragrant or exceptionally fragrant Plant 1 metre (39″) apart as specimens. Some can be trained as climbers (see end of selection) Bred by David Austin these  compliment and can be used with the Renaissance Roses.

Some English Roses can be planted and trained against fences and walls as climbers. These are exactly the same plant as provided as a shrub rose, but the height is achieved by the way the plants are trained. The varieties you can use will grow around 180-240 cm (6-8′) except where indicated. Crown Princess Margareta, Gertrude Jekyll, Golden Celebration, Graham Thomas, Strawberry Hill and Teasing Georgia (240-300cm (8-10′).


SPECIAL NOTE: We are no longer able to offer “Munstead Wood” and “Teasing Georgia” as David Austin Roses have retired these. “Munstead Wood” whilst popular, had very lax growth so flopped. We don’t feel there is any alternative! “Teasing Georgia” in recent years has been promoted as a climber. Some years ago we grew this and a variety called “Crown Princess Margareta”. We felt they were similar so dropped “Crown Princess Margarea” which we have now restored this variety.

Finally and much more of a concern and surprise is the retiring of “Graham Thomas”, which we still consider the best yellow and do not feel there is anything to compare or include in its place.

Whilst we do not feel there are “English Roses” which replace “Munstead Wood” and “Graham Thomas” we would draw your attention to “Global Beauty” and “Proper Job” in the Hybrid Tea section. These are part of a “Nostalgic Rose Colleciton” bred by Tantau of Germany with very similar style to English and Renaissance roses.

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**UPDATE** We are not able to send container roses to Europe, Northern Ireland, Guernsey or Jersey. **You can now pre-order bare-root roses for dispatch from November 2021**