The later roses are lifted the more robust they are

The later roses are lifted the more robust they are

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have our new stocks of bare root roses until November or December when you’re already seeing them in shops and garden centres earlier in the autumn season?

In fact, roses do most of their growing in August and September so the later they are lifted the more robust they are.

So, while you are doing the October chores to get your gardens ready for the winter it is also a good time to plan ahead and let us have your orders for the spring planting.

We should also say that unlike many industries the UK’s rose growers are not experiencing the supply-chain problems that have been affecting so many other industries because of the shortage of lorry drivers.  Our roses are not delivered in such large quantities that we have to use HGVs!

October chores for the garden

Tasks for the month include preventative spraying, deadheading, and, if you haven’t done so already, choosing and ordering your new roses.  Everything points to there being a great demand, so don’t be disappointed order now.

It is not advisable to plant new roses in an old bed that has been established for six or more years. If you want to keep that location for roses, you should first change the topsoil. You can where possible just swap soil from another part of your garden.  Full advice is in our catalogue or under planting advice.

If you are adding manure, bone meal, blood fish or similar material to revitalise the bed, you must make sure it will not come into contact with the roots of your rose bushes, as these products can burn them and the plants will not survive.

You should NOT open the holes for planting in advance. Holes can dry out or on the other hand fill with water which can freeze.

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**UPDATE** We are not able to send container roses to Europe, Northern Ireland, Guernsey or Jersey. **PLEASE NOTE if you are in Northern Ireland and wish to order bare root roses or Sundries please call us on 01206 844008 or email us, as this cannot be fulfilled online.**