When to pre-order your Bare-root roses?

You can pre-order your bare-root roses any time from June 2019 through to March 2020. Dispatching of bare-root roses will begin from November 2019 until March 2020.

The earlier you place your order the earlier they will be dispatched to you. We begin dispatching early November, therefore if you place your order from October your order should be dispatched from the third week of November.

If you require an order for a specific date please advise us at the time of ordering or put a message with your online order. If your order is a gift you can add a greetings card with a personalised message to your order for an additional £1.50 and a colour photo label for an additional 35p each.

Don’t forget to purchase Roots Boost or Vitax Q4+ to give your roses an early root establishment and increased root growth with added mycorrhizal fungi. Roots Boost will be enough for 4 plants and Vitax Q4+ will be enough for 15 plants. Below you can click on the images which will take you to the product.


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